Your Masturbation Addiction Has Given You The Cockronus Virus

You’ve Got The Cockronus Virus.
You didn’t listen to the Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention. You were told to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth while or after you were masturbating. You were warned to Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe. Now your chronic masturbation addiction has infected you with the Cockronus Virus (COCKVID-19).
It started with a headache, next thing know you’re masturbating with no orgasm and your erection is failing! You’re a chronic masturbator and this is what you get for your masturbation addiction. Now you’re going to pay the price for being such a loser jerk off addict. The virus is making your sex drive increase but, your cock is broken! They might not have a cure for years! This is what your disgusting masturbation habits have lead you too. You’ve got the virus! Now you’re going to have to stay home and quarantine. You’ve got 2 weeks with your porn and not being able to cum because of the cockronus virus. Your perverted body is being saturated with the cockronus virus. Enjoy your time with your useless cock in quarantine.


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