You Have A Male Vagina Trigger Session MP3

You Have A Male Vagina Trigger Session MP3 8:30
Once you learn your new trigger word something exciting and special is going to happen. In this session you will find out that the next time you have sex you will have a vagina instead of a cock. You will feel the deep penetration deep inside your very own pussy and you will feel it deep going in and out fucking you so deep and so good.
You are going to be able to have multiple orgasms and you will achieve them while you are being fucked, while you have this cock deep within you. That is simply how it is going to be and you will accept it more and more. You will feel hot loads of cum bursting inside of you filling you up deep with cum and desire. You will listen over and over again to this therapy session until you accept it completely, deeply knowing that this is the way it is.

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