Why Woman Fake Orgasms

I’m often asked about Woman faking orgasms and why they do it. It’s true Men, Woman often fake orgasms and if you think you’re victim of it, you’re probably right. Ben asked me “Dr. Lovejoy my wife makes noises of pleasure but within 5 minutes she makes one loud noise, says thank you and yet I never felt her muscles tense and she still feels dry. Do you think she’s faking it?
I do Ben, I 100% would say shes faking orgasm with you. I know its hard to swallow and its incredibly humiliating to hear you can’t satisfy your own wife.
Here are a few of the reasons a Woman would fake her orgasms with you.
1. You simply are a lackluster lover and while she’s not getting off she has better things to do and just wants to get to it.
2. She may have other things on her mind like the lastest Housewives episode or maybe she was thinking about another lover and then woke up to reality and it was you so she just wanted it over.
3. She may just want to go and finish herself off because a Woman knows how to get herself off.
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