Valentines Day Intimacy issues

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Are you ready to be intimate? Did that question bring a certain fear in you because you know that you will not be able to please your lover on Valentines Day. You can buy all the chocolates and diamonds she wants but you can’t give her the gift of sexual pleasure.  You try to masturbate before your night so you can show her that you can keep a hard cock and make love like a stud but you fail every time.

“Dr Lovejoy,

I want to buy something sexy for my girlfriend to wear for Valentines day except I’m getting more turned on actually shopping for the lingerie thinking about it on myself rather than on her. I started to think that I should be the one who’s wearing red and being taken to dinner and then getting passionately fucked. Dr. Lovejoy my cock is only 4 inches when its raging and I cum within 5 pumps of her sweet pussy. After I cum she rolls her eyes and ends up getting her vibrator. What can I do? Helpless in love, Small Ted”

Ted, I think you need my special Humiliation Therapy to get you through this. I think you do a little research on what a Cuckold is. And I think we have some sissy issues that need to be addressed. Red is pretty and may look really pretty when its on you.

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