Turning You Into A Bi-Sexual Sissy Hypnotic Spell MP3

You call and tell me that you still like pussy but you think about cock all the time. You don’t want to fall in love with a man but you want to suck his cock deep until he orgasms in your mouth. Your mouth is starting to salivate just reading those words. Loving both men and women all dressed up in sissy clothing being able to serve and please both a cock and a pussy. Dressed up like a beautiful lipstick sissy in a tight business skirt and jacket with no panties on. Lips plump and moist with ravishing red lipstick ready to suck a cock. You want to be a bi-sexual sissy, you want to make love to both a woman and a man. You want to be of service to both a man and a woman. The more I talk about it, the more you hear my hypnotic words describe to you how you want to be a bi-sexual sissy. You can feel the transformation beginning inside of you as you read the words bi-sexual sissy. It’s like glitter streaming through your blood bringing the feminine side out of you.

19:44 Minute long Hypnotic MP3 spell where I turn you into a bi-sexual sissy who loves both men and woman. Listen to my seductive voice and fall deep with your Doctor Lovejoy. I always know what’s best for you.

Bi-sexual sissy MP3

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