Femdom Breast Growth Trigger MP3

Dr. Lovejoy Gives Your The Ability Control Your New Tits Trigger MP3

You’re going to get yourself something you’ve always wanted. A new set of fabulous boobs. I’m going to give you a trigger that’s going to give you an incredible ability. You’re going to find that you have the most realistic tits on your chest that you can control. You’ll be able to use your mind to control the size, sensitivity and even the nipple shape and color. Imagine how perfect its going to be, you’re going to get to feel and experience your dream tits and play with them all day. You will be able to control the trigger yourself. The more you listen to this session the more you’ll lean how to turn the triggers off and on until it feels almost natural to you. It’s just that easy and simple and nothing more to it. You’ll be able to take a few horny moments to get yourself into a private place and within seconds be playing with your amazing tits and nipples.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Hypnosis Trigger Therapy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Trigger

In this 10 minute session I’m going to give you a special phrase and when you hear this phrase you’re immediately going to feel lips wrapped around your cock. It doesn’t matter who’s lips they are, they will belong to the person that you’re the most turned on by. It might me a Woman or perhaps its a Man but, you will feel lips wrapped on your cock. There will be only one way to stop this sensation and thats by having an orgasm, hearing someone say a trigger phrase, or you may even trigger yourself to to stop it with your very own trigger. This sensation can last a few moments or it can last all day but it won’t stop until you’ve gone over the edge and had an orgasm. You’re going to feel the most incredible sensation of a blow job in your life. Whatever your best experience was with a blow-job this will be just as intense if not more. You remember how good it was, how perfectly the person sucked and licked getting your cock so aroused that you wanted that feeling to last all day. All that sucking and stroking taking you to the edge with their intense cock sucking skills makes you want to cum.


Blow Job Time

Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Yourself Mind Trigger

In this session my sensual erotic powerful voice is going to take you somewhere deep. Deep in your mouth. You’re going to find yourself triggered by a couple words which will make your cock immediately stand at attention. You will feel a sudden fullness in your mouth because when triggered you’re also going to feel your very own cock in your mouth. You’re cock will stay in your mouth once someone has said the trigger to stop that feeling. Just remember, whatever you’re doing in your mouth you’re going to feel between your legs as well. Even if you suck to the point of orgasm you will still have the feeling of the cock in your mouth until the trigger has been removed. Imagine how good its going to feel, imagine how no one else knows better than you how to make your very own cock feel so good. You know what it feels like when someone else has their lips on your cock and now you’re going to be in control of those feelings. Just remember every single time you hear the trigger your mouth is going to have your very own cock in it. You’re going to feel every single motion, every bit of hot breath, every bit of stimuli will be connected to your cock. You’re going to be addicted to this feeling and you’ll keep coming back to this session over and over again.

Blow Yourself

Penis Growth Hypnosis MP3

Do you wish you had a larger penis? The latest in my femdom humiliation therapy audio is aimed to my clients who have insecurities about their penis.
Your penis isn’t as big as you wished it was, you’ve always wanted a larger more thicker cock and with this hypnosis therapy session you will go deep under and find that your cock will get thicker and longer with each time you listen to this therapy session. You will go so deep that you will feel the surge of hormones rushing inside of you as your penis grows to the size you’ve always desired it to. The more you listen and obey my words and obey my voice the more you will be able to fall deep under and control the length and thickness of your penis. My erotic voice will have you so relaxed and deep under the tingle in your thighs is beginning already before you’ve even started. Lets begin and feel as your penis is about to grow.

17 minutes of Dr. Lovejoy’s audio therapy

Penis Growth MP3

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Masturbation Hypnosis Weekend Therapy MP3/Photo

Brand new masturbation hypnosis weekend special. I made this special just for the weekends to give you something to look forward too when my office is closed. You’ve been waiting all week to get some of that femdom therapy Friday haven’t you. You’re ready to let the tension go and let the hypnotizing weekend masturbation begin. You need to orgasm, you need to cum so bad, so hard. You are addicted to my words and beauty. You’ve been waiting for my hypnotic voice and my incredible body to bring you to a place where you’re so submissive, hard, weak and in my control needing your orgasm therapy. You need your sex therapist Dr. Lovejoy’s hypnotizing weekend masturbation instruction. It’s only a matter of time until you can only cum to my voice. The words Friday, Saturday and Sunday take on a whole new meaning. Click for your weekend session.

Weekend Jerk Off Instruction