Dr. Lovejoy Sissy Training Teaches You To Become A Proper Woman

Learning To Become A Proper Woman MP3

In this 16 minute session I’m going to help you become more of a Woman by teaching you how to behave like a proper Woman. You’re going to relax and become very focused on my voice, you’re going to focus on everything I have to say. You’re going to allow yourself to become the Woman that you are. You’re not going to be a filthy talking trashy bimbo at all. You’re going to become a beautiful, confident Woman. The Woman that you are inside, the Woman you’ve always wanted to become. Woman are so much different from Men in the way we carry ourselves and you’re going to change your way of thinking and channel it all into being a Woman. Woman naturally take up less space, you’re going to learn how to become demure, to smile and never have a sour puss look on your face. You want to be appealing to Men and friendly to Woman. You will learn to always be properly groomed like a Woman. Appearance is everything and you’re never going to leave the house without looking like a proper Woman. Your hair will always look perfect, your hands will always be soft and your nails will never have a chip in them. You will walk with grace and your body will become fit from exercise. You will learn how to present yourself like a proper Woman.

You're A Woman Hypnosis

Go Gay For Dr. Lovejoy Gay Affirmations

Go Gay For Dr. Lovejoy Gay Affirmations 30.00 Minutes
The more you hear my affirmations to go gay the more gay you will become. You’re going to spend the next 30 minutes on an affirmation mind trip, I’m going to go over all the reasons why you want to go gay. Being gay is good, being gay will make you happy. Being gay is who you really are. The more you listen to this session the more it will affirm deep into your brain that you willingly want to go gay for me and for yourself.
Included – Sensual – Femdom – Affirmations – Erotic Voice

Go Gay For Dr Lovejoy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Pussy Repellent Hypnosis MP3

You’re going to immerse yourself in 30 minutes of brain scrubbing words. In this sissy training exercise i’m going to reassemble your thoughts and feelings to where you find yourself repulsed and disgusted by Woman’s pussy. You will be repelled by the site of a vagina even if its the most beautiful Woman you’ve ever seen. You will be sickened by the thought of having to lick a Woman’s pussy. You will be disgusted by pussy in every way. There will be nothing more disgusting to you than the thought of having a Woman sit on your face because pussy is so gross and slimy to you now. The more time you spend listening to this file the more you will be repelled by pussy.

Pussy Repellent

Dr. Lovejoy Implants Sissy Bimbo Slut Triggers Erotic Audio

In this session I am going to turn you into a slutty sissy bimbo whore whenever you are triggered. you will become an incredibly naughty sissy slut bimbo who will only think of getting your hair done, looking like a slut, getting manicures and pedicures and being a total girl. All of this will be happening while you are triggered. You will stay a sissy bimbo slut until you are un-triggered. You want to look so nice, don’t you? Yes. Good; so slutty, so nice, so good. You are such a cheap little
slut, aren’t you? And you enjoy letting loose this new side of you, don’t you? Yes. It makes you feel so horny, so naughty, doesn’t it? Yes. Good, lets begin.

Sissy Bimbo Triggers MP3

Cum Lover Training MP3

Have you thought about how much you would love to feel cum all over your lips? Do you want to taste cum but you feel like you need your Domme to voce you to do it? I’m going to help you learn to love cum. Cum Lover Training is my latest in audio therapy sessions. In this humiliation therapy session you will become deeply relaxed and feel very obedient to my words. My Femdom therapy will penetrate your mind and train you to love cum in this session. This is for heterosexuals, sissy’s or if you’re unsure of your sexuality at the time then it pertains to the cum that you crave during the session. It won’t matter anyway because all thats going to matter is that you crave cum and that you need the taste of cum in your mouth and need to feel the cum in your mouth. Just listening to this file will train you to love cum its something that you simply can’t get off your mind. You will love receiving cum in any way possible. It’s time to accept this side of yourself completely. Let the therapy begin now.

7:26 Minutes