Dr. Lovejoy Implants Sissy Bimbo Slut Triggers Erotic Audio

In this session I am going to turn you into a slutty sissy bimbo whore whenever you are triggered. you will become an incredibly naughty sissy slut bimbo who will only think of getting your hair done, looking like a slut, getting manicures and pedicures and being a total girl. All of this will be happening while you are triggered. You will stay a sissy bimbo slut until you are un-triggered. You want to look so nice, don’t you? Yes. Good; so slutty, so nice, so good. You are such a cheap little
slut, aren’t you? And you enjoy letting loose this new side of you, don’t you? Yes. It makes you feel so horny, so naughty, doesn’t it? Yes. Good, lets begin.

Sissy Bimbo Triggers MP3

A Good Sissy Girl For Dr. Lovejoy

I’ve just put out a new sissy audio session for some sissy therapy on Niteflirt.
I’m going to help you recognize that all the pleasure and happiness and joy in your life comes from being a good sissy girl for me. Your true self is truly a sissy female, and always has been. You know that your inner self is a girl, a good sissy girl who just wants to please me, be happy and have fun. You are going to go into a trance and feel so refreshed and so happy and so pretty. You are a good girl for Dr. Lovejoy. Do you want to be a good sissy girl for your Dr. Lovejoy? And are you going to be a good sissy girl for your Dr. Lovejoy? Would you like to promise yourself right now that you are going to be a good sissy girl for Dr. Lovejoy all the time from now on? You are a good sissy girl.

Good Sissy Girl

Wearing Panties 24 Hours A Day Hypnosis

You have a fetish for wearing panties but its hard for you to accept that you should be wearing Woman’s underwear. I made this special session to help you find your fetish for wearing panties easier to accept and understand. If you have a Woman’s panties fetish but have never acted upon it this will also help you be able to slip on your first pair of silky panties.
I am going to have you feel the desire to wear panties everyday. You will feel a very strong desire to wear and love women’s underwear. You will unlock your inhibitions and feel your love for woman’s panties. Can you imagine getting up every morning and looking forward to selecting what sexy women’s underwear to put on for the day. It makes you so happy to wear panties and other women’s underwear. Thongs feel so nice sliding up your ass crack while you’re at work reminding you that you have on your woman’s underwear. You will be compelled to wear woman’s panties when listening to this hypnotizing session.

11 minute session + Photo

wear panties hypnosis mp3

Sissy Maid Creed MP3

In this session you will learn and listen to the sissy maid creed. This creed is your guide to being a happy sissy maid. You know that you are a sissy maid but its important that you know that to be a happy sissy maid you must be cleaning. Cleaning puts you at peace and makes you feel like you have a purpose and its what you were meant to do. You are a happy sissy maid when you are in your high heels. Happy sissy’s have a pretty face with lipstick on while working. You are a sissy maid, and only a sissy maid and nothing else other then a sissy maid. You are most happy when you are serving your Mistress and are cleaning. You will take in and listen to these words as your core of belief.

Sissy Creed MP3

Gay Spell Hypnosis Transformation MP3

A new Femdom therapy session is here to put your bi-curious thoughts at ease. You may have wanted to dabble in crossing over to the other sex and in this erotic audio session you will get that chance.
This therapy session puts a hypnotic spell on you transforming you into a very gay man. You’ve always thought about being gay, you’ve fantasized about it. You’ve thought about being around a bunch of gay Men. You will now feel what it’s like to be a swishy gay male. You will begin to speak with a lisp, you will wear tight clothing to show off your sexy muscles, you’ll have perfect hair and you’ll always look good. Everything is going to change. Are you ready to experience this transformation? This hypnotic spell can’t be reversed it is permanent, take the next step and feel the transformation and let the therapy begin.

7:00 Minutes