Dr. Lovejoy Hypnotizes You, You’ve Got Dick On Your Brain Obsession MP3

I always know what’s on your mind, it’s too much for anyone to comprehend but I know. You’ve got dick on your brain. It’s what your mind goes to, to feel at ease. You’re obsessed with dick. It’s time to take this obsession to a new level. Begin this therapy session now, your Dr. always knows best

You’ve Got Dick On Your Brain. Obsession MP3 dickonbrain.mp3 10 min
You can’t get it off your mind, everywhere you go. You can’t get dick off your mind, you’re dick obsessed and you can’t get dick off your brain. Dick is always on your mind. You turn on a tv and you think of dick, you look at your phone and you want to look at dick. You’ve got dick on your brain! Dick on your brain is all you’re ever going to think about and you’re going to become even more dick obsessed! Your obsession with dick goes deep! You love dick and dick is on your brain! You walk out your front door and theres dick! You go to the guy and you can see all those big dicks! You’re such a faggot and the only thing you can think about is dick and your obsession is going to continue and grow. I’m going to make you increase your dick obsession, faggot! The more you listen to this session the more dick will be on your brain. This is going to keep dick on your brain even more. You already obsess over dick 24/7 but, I’m going to take it deeper. Each time I say the word dick your brain gets dickwashed!


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Look Deep Into The Faggot Hypnosis Wheel, Faggot Hypnosis Audio & Video

Are you ready for some deep and intense faggot therapy video mind fuck?

Look Deep Into The Faggot Hypnosis Wheel, Faggot Hypnosis – 10 min
In this session you’re going to state deep into the faggot wheel of hypnosis. The deeper you look into the faggot wheel the deeper the hypnosis will be making you a faggot for life. You already know how much of a faggot you are but, staring deep into the faggot spiral is going to increase the faggot within you. You want to increase the faggot within you because, you are a faggot. You’re going to relax and stare deep into the wheel while my erotic voice guides you into a deep faggot state. Focus on the faggot wheel and feel the faggot spiral begin to take you down, down, down the faggot vortex. Do you think you can do this and relax enough to go deep into faggot submission. Don’t take your eyes off the faggot spiral, we don’t want to interrupt the deep faggot penetration going into your faggot head. The goal is to deeply melt your mind as you become more of a faggot. The votes of faggotry is going to go deep into your mind because you’re a faggot. The more you watch and listen to this session it will increase your deep fagability. I know how much you think about cock, I know your love for that dick and we are going to take it further, faggot. Let’s begin.

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Extreme Feelings Of Horniness MP3

A new erotic audio session is here. This is a short hypnotic therapy session designed to make you feel a highly unusual extreme amount of being horny. In fact you will feel the horniest you’ve ever felt and it will just be from listening to my intensely sensual voice. You know how I make you feel so good, so good that the feeling is going to be amplified. Your mind will clear of all negative thoughts and be filled with nothing but intense amounts of sexual energy. My hypnotic voice completely consumes your mind and body and you begin to feel insides throbbing. The intensity is already building just thinking about it. Feel it, worship it and live it. The feeling will draw you back for more and more. This hypnotic audio file is highly addicting and will cause extreme feelings between your thighs.

I always have the right thing to say,


Extreme Feelings Of Horniness