Phone Sex Addiction Sex Quiz

I’ve put out a new sex quiz on Niteflirt to really answer the burning question thats on your porn addicted mind.
Do You Have A Phone Sex Addiction Quiz + Photos

Phone sex is something to love, its private, easy and you can just walk away. But, for you is phone sex is something you casually call once a week? many times a week, every chance you get its an obsession…or something in between the extremes. With my quiz its time we determine if you are a phone sex addict and have the fast finger dialing or clicking drive to qualify for that righteous title Once you have your answer you will most likely need to have a therapy session to really confirm if you do have a phone sex addiction and how deep it is it and is it even something that can be stopped!

phone sex addiction quiz

Harsh Humiliation Therapy MP3

New erotic audio file available at Niteflirt for you.
You come to my office and get yourself nice and relaxed. Then we get right to what you came for. You’re already getting excited and that’s when it’s time I get right to it. I drive home with my erotic voice the harsh humiliating words you crave to hear deep into your mind space. You know what a filthy disgusting male piggy you are and I penetrate the shame deep with my hypnotic voice. You crave the humiliation, the need the degradation and with each listen of the session you will become more of a horny pig who needs to be humiliated even more. I know you like being called the dirtiest things imaginable because I know what a piece of shit you are. You need my harsh therapy and the burning desire for my humiliation is taking over your mind.

Harsh Humiliation MP3

Gay Spell Hypnosis Transformation MP3

A new Femdom therapy session is here to put your bi-curious thoughts at ease. You may have wanted to dabble in crossing over to the other sex and in this erotic audio session you will get that chance.
This therapy session puts a hypnotic spell on you transforming you into a very gay man. You’ve always thought about being gay, you’ve fantasized about it. You’ve thought about being around a bunch of gay Men. You will now feel what it’s like to be a swishy gay male. You will begin to speak with a lisp, you will wear tight clothing to show off your sexy muscles, you’ll have perfect hair and you’ll always look good. Everything is going to change. Are you ready to experience this transformation? This hypnotic spell can’t be reversed it is permanent, take the next step and feel the transformation and let the therapy begin.

7:00 Minutes


Masturbation Trigger Hypnosis MP3

In this masturbation hypnosis Femdom therapy session you will learn a special phrase that will trigger an exciting small change in your life. You understand first that you choose to listen to this file and that you accept the consequences and must accept what is going to happen. Something is going to happen, its something that will be inevitable. With this special trigger you will find yourself feeling the uncontrollable desire to masturbate uncontrollably. You will enjoy a deep obedient feeling where all you want to do is masturbate until you cum no matter what else is happening. Are you ready to start stroking?

Masturbation Trigger MP3

Why Woman Fake Orgasms

I’m often asked about Woman faking orgasms and why they do it. It’s true Men, Woman often fake orgasms and if you think you’re victim of it, you’re probably right. Ben asked me “Dr. Lovejoy my wife makes noises of pleasure but within 5 minutes she makes one loud noise, says thank you and yet I never felt her muscles tense and she still feels dry. Do you think she’s faking it?
I do Ben, I 100% would say shes faking orgasm with you. I know its hard to swallow and its incredibly humiliating to hear you can’t satisfy your own wife.
Here are a few of the reasons a Woman would fake her orgasms with you.
1. You simply are a lackluster lover and while she’s not getting off she has better things to do and just wants to get to it.
2. She may have other things on her mind like the lastest Housewives episode or maybe she was thinking about another lover and then woke up to reality and it was you so she just wanted it over.
3. She may just want to go and finish herself off because a Woman knows how to get herself off.
Are you one of the many Men who can relate to their partner faking orgasm? Do you fake your own orgasm while you’re with a Woman? Call me on Niteflirt or SinfulCall for a one-on-one humiliation therapy session.

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