Masturbate Your Life Away, Loser JOI Humiliation Erotic Audio MP3

Masturbate Your Life Away, Loser JOI Humiliation
You know I think you’re a total loser, your a loser who’s obsessed and addicted to jerking off to my voice. Now I’m going to make you addicted and obsessed to masturbating your entire loser life away. Go ahead, lets go for it and increase your masturbation habits. Your masturbation habits aren’t nearly as much as they should be so lets take it up a notch. Your life is already sad and pathetic enough but I’m going to add to it. You already can’t stand yourself, you already know what a horny loser who spends hours upon hours listening to this and doing other porn related things. You have nothing else to live for, you’re a fucking loser and you’re going to masturbate your loser life away for me. You’re going to stroke yourself into loser oblivion. I want you to feel the deep intense loneliness and loser life I’m going to make you have. You’re not going to have a social life, you’re not going to need friends or family. You’re not going to need any hobbies because masturbating is all you need in life. You’re a loser and you’re going to lose it all through your masturbation habit and addiction. Stroke, pay and masturbate your loser life away until you get to my cum countdown. Listen and repeat several times a day to masturbate your loser life away.


Are You Good In Bed? Sex Quiz

Valentines Day brings out a lot of feelings that will draw you to my humiliation therapy. The pressure of buying gifts, the pressure of not being a great lover. I’ll be taking sex advice calls all week long to help you get through this holiday. In honor of Saint Valentine and the many clients that want to discuss their sexual performance I created a new quiz. When it comes to being a red hot lover, are you a stud in the sack or are you a failure who should consider being a cuckold? Test your passion prowess with my “Are You Good In Bed” quiz. After you take the quiz I will determine what kind of a lover you are. Prepare for some intense therapy sessions after I confirm your love lust in bed.

Dr. Lovejoy's Sex Quiz

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New Years Resolutions Of Devotion Hypnosis MP3

Happy New Year, It’s been a fantastic first year on Niteflirt. My Femdom humiliation therapy coming to the masses has been so critical to helping so many of you. Through my special brand of premium humiliation therapy i’ve changed the lives of hundreds in 2013 and I plan to make 2014 even more stronger.

I’ve made a short 6 minute New Year Resolution Of Devotion Hypnotic MP3 to start your year off the proper way.
You will usher in the the new year with more devotion to your Dr. Lovejoy, You will follow my instruction to guide you with the therapy you need. You will devote yourself to working hard for your Dr. Lovejoy in the coming year. You will strive to be a better person with my help.

Hypnosis Resolutions

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Thanksgiving Therapy 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate. I wanted send my gratitude out to all my loyal clients and to the clients and new patients that will be coming into my life. I give thanks to all the wonderful people I’ve helped heal through my humiliation therapy techniques. I’m grateful for having the gift of being able to listen deep and hear you and guide you in the direction you need to be put in.
This is just the beginning of the Holiday stress all the way until the new year. This is an important time to wind down and get your femdom therapy sessions before it’s too late. All that time with the in-laws, the siblings and all those children running around can wreak havoc on the brain not to mention your sex life, if you even have a sex life.
Unwind with your femdom therapy sessions with some hypnosis, straight to the point humiliation and more. Holiday stress can bring out new fetish’s within and now is the perfect time to explore those sexual thoughts with me. After all, I alway have the right thing to say. Dr. Lovejoy knows best.

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thanksgiving fetish

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Do You Feel Shame When You Masturbate To Porn?

I hear a lot of Men talk about their porn addiction and how after they have an orgasm they are disgusted with themselves. I’ve heard some say they feel a deep shame when they realize they’ve just had an orgasm over something so perverted and twisted. They and maybe even you reading this feel that shame because it is perverse and some of what you’re masturbating too is absolutely disgusting and you should feel a shame inside for being turned on by such things. I won’t elaborate on what I think are some of those things are I will let you use your imagination.
You can also call me on Niteflirt and we can discuss what you masturbate to and if there is a burning shame within you. More pillow humping fetish clients have been feeling that shame. One of my clients has been so obsessed with pillow humping porn that he said he watch’s it several times a day and is starting to have a problem going to sleep with his wife because the pillow’s in the bed are starting to get in the way.
He looks at the pillows with total anxiety and shame because all he can think of doing is flipping on in a diagonal position and as he told it “making love to it with his tiny little cock”. We have a lot of therapy to get too, there is a lot more pillow humping to do before his addiction ends that is if I think this addiction should end.

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