Goodbye Insecurity Dr. Lovejoys Positive Affirmations MP3

We’re going to do the ultimate mind fuck, I’m going to place some positivity into your mind to rejuvenate you. You need this dose of pure positive energy after feeling all your shames. Are you ready to take in positive energy to say goodbye to your insecurities?  My voice is so sexy and soothing, you’ll find your cock and mind are more turned on than ever.

Goodbye Insecurity Dr. Lovejoys Positive Affirmations MP3
In this positive affirmation session i’m going to help you stop feeling so insecure. Insecurity can make us see the world in such dark and negative light and it’s time to lift that darkness so you can see the light. You need to get rid of your insecurities, they make you feel terrible inside and it’s time to say goodbye to your insecurities. The more you listen to this affirmation session you will start to feel the positive energy bringing the light within you that you need to not feel so dark and insecure. Listen when you wake up to begin your day on a positive level. Listen before you go to sleep to absorb positive thoughts into your mind before sleep and drift away to a better you. It’s time to say goodbye to insecurities.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Let Go Of Your Self-Consciousness Positive Affirmations Erotic Audio MP3

Start your week out with the positive boost that you need. Let’s work on some more positive affirmation therapy. It makes the humiliation therapy that much more intense. In this session we’re going to work on your self consciousness and bringing more positivity into your life.

Let Go Of Your Self-Consciousness Positive Affirmations MP3
I’m going to help you release yourself from self-consciousness through positive affirmations. It’s time to let your insecurities go and surrender to your true self. If you want to be a happy person in life you’re going to need to let go of insecurities, it’s the only way to a true life. I’m going to help you work on that with these affirmations. It’s not going to be an easy task it will take a lot of practice and a lot of self discipline. I know that you want this and I can help you with that slow self esteem that’s in your way. Whenever you’re feeling blocked or mentally stressed listen to these positive affirmations for an easy relaxing time with your mind. It’s time to retrain your min to let go of your self consciousness.