Phone Sex Addiction Sex Quiz

I’ve put out a new sex quiz on Niteflirt to really answer the burning question thats on your porn addicted mind.
Do You Have A Phone Sex Addiction Quiz + Photos

Phone sex is something to love, its private, easy and you can just walk away. But, for you is phone sex is something you casually call once a week? many times a week, every chance you get its an obsession…or something in between the extremes. With my quiz its time we determine if you are a phone sex addict and have the fast finger dialing or clicking drive to qualify for that righteous title Once you have your answer you will most likely need to have a therapy session to really confirm if you do have a phone sex addiction and how deep it is it and is it even something that can be stopped!

phone sex addiction quiz

Guided Masturbation Instruction MP3

In need of some Femdom therapy Weekends are stressful and I can’t always be around for you on Niteflirt or Sinfulcall. To help medicate your mind and, in popular response to my first weekend jerk off therapy session I have made another quick masturbation instructional called “Cum for Dr. Lovejoy”. A 5 minute hot Jerk off therapy session. You love the way I guide you to jerk that cock off and cum for your Dr. Lovejoy. All it takes is 5 hot minutes for me to tease and seduce your cock before I have you orgasming on my command. Are you ready to listen to my erotic seductive voice guide you to an orgasm that not even your wife or girlfriend can give you? Click, pay and do as I say. Dr. Lovejoy always know whats best for you.

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When Premature Ejaculation Becomes A Turn On

“Dear Dr. Lovejoy it’s becoming increasingly impossible for me to be intimate anymore. It’s gotten to the point that when I become erect and know I am going to make love that I have a premature orgasm. I recently was feeling good about myself I lost 12 lbs in the past couple months and have been working out. I’m not a bad looking Man Dr. Lovejoy, I don’t have too many problems picking up Woman which makes this whole situation worse.
I have been meeting attractive Woman at the bars and taking them home with me. In my head I can’t stop thinking that I’m going to cum the moment we sit on the couch and kiss and she’s going to laugh at me and leave. My premature ejaculation problem is a problem but it’s turning me on. It’s exciting to me knowing I’m going to get talked at and laughed at for cumming in my pants before I even take them off. Please give me the humiliation therapy that I need.
Pitiful puddle maker

Steven, you definitely need my humiliation therapy. I think we need to figure out what it is that makes you such a humiliation slave that craves to make that premature orgasm. You certainly need a femdom therapist to guide your undirected life. It’s probably a safe guess to say that all the Woman do go back and tell all of their friends that the guy she just hooked up with made a squirt in his pants before any clothing came off. Call me and let the Femdom therapy begin. I always have the right thing to say.

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Do You Feel Shame When You Masturbate To Porn?

I hear a lot of Men talk about their porn addiction and how after they have an orgasm they are disgusted with themselves. I’ve heard some say they feel a deep shame when they realize they’ve just had an orgasm over something so perverted and twisted. They and maybe even you reading this feel that shame because it is perverse and some of what you’re masturbating too is absolutely disgusting and you should feel a shame inside for being turned on by such things. I won’t elaborate on what I think are some of those things are I will let you use your imagination.
You can also call me on Niteflirt and we can discuss what you masturbate to and if there is a burning shame within you. More pillow humping fetish clients have been feeling that shame. One of my clients has been so obsessed with pillow humping porn that he said he watch’s it several times a day and is starting to have a problem going to sleep with his wife because the pillow’s in the bed are starting to get in the way.
He looks at the pillows with total anxiety and shame because all he can think of doing is flipping on in a diagonal position and as he told it “making love to it with his tiny little cock”. We have a lot of therapy to get too, there is a lot more pillow humping to do before his addiction ends that is if I think this addiction should end.

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Fetish Friday Sex Therapy

Do you dread Friday’s because it means the weekend is here and you have no one to be with? The only lover you have all weekend long is your hand embracing your cock on these chilly Winter nights. You don’t have to feel alone when you have the internet. The internet is your girlfriend and phone sex is your lover.
Take it all in loveless ones, there is a world of one sided love awaiting you on the internet. Phone sex and cam girls are always online at any time of the day waiting for you. If you catch me at the right time even I may be there for you. Those who have experienced a phone sex therapy session with me already know how easy it is to fall in love. Falling in love with your sex therapist is common and of course a sex therapist like myself will take full advantage of your weak submissive mind. Your weekends will never feel lonely after you’ve had your time spent with me.
We can drink wine together and talk about how your wife is cuckolding you and she’s out with her boyfriend.
I always have the right thing to say.

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