Your Life Is Nothing Until I Give It Meaning. MP3

A new erotic Femdom therapy MP3 to start your July. Submit to your Dr. Lovejoy and indulge your mind.
Your Life Is Nothing Until I Give It Meaning. 15:50 minutes
In this session you will surrender yourself to me completely, Not just your mind, body and soul but everything. Even no material object has any meaning to you upon listening to this therapeutic MP3. You understand that you are just an object seeking for some meaning and that only your Dr. Lovejoy is capable of giving you this.
You will feel me reaching into your mind and taking all your will power from you. I am the center of your Universe, you exist to serve and please me. Your mind is mine, your body is mine you exist to serve me. All that you possess is dedicated to your Dr. Lovejoy. You will give to me all that you have and more. And you will show me that
you have some small piece of worth, some small piece of value, some small piece of
meaning. Your life is nothing until I give it meaning. I am the center of your life,
the center of your universe, and you will serve and service me for the rest of your

Surrender To Me MP3

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

I get asked all the time “Dr Lovejoy, does size really matter?” The answer is almost always going to be yes, yes in fact size does matter. It does matter if your cock is small and it does matter if your cock is large. A less than average cock is of no use to any Woman. What is your size? Do you want to talk about it. Are you under 5 inches and thin and have a serious complex. Do you feel like you are just a sissy boy because your small? Maybe you have a thick 8 inch cock but you fail to be able to keep it hard for a Woman. In that case size does’t matter does it. Regardless of having a well hung cock and not being able to use it is another thing that might make you feel like an inadequate sissy. If you’re feeling unsure of what your cock size means, call me and we will go over it and I will be totally honest. I can’t promise not to mock your cock but I can tell you that I always have the right thing to say.

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Femdom Sex Advice

Your humiliation therapy expert is here to guide you through your most embarrassing moments. Mark was looking for some Femdom therapy here is what he had to ask.
“Doctor Lovejoy,
I am a sad case. No matter how nice I am to women, it is never enough… literally. I am small in the penis department and it eventually leads to problems. What is worth, women start treating me like a little boy instead of a man and I can’t help but like it. I know I should break things off when they start to see other guys, but I keep coming back as they call me “little man” and “cutie”, and make me cater to their every whim in exchange for “sessions” where maybe they will touch me, then they go out and get their brains fucked out by “Real men”. Can you help?
Pathetically, Mark”

Mark, its really quite simple. They are using you like a little boy you. You are their plaything. You are a submissive little boy who they will only see as this underdeveloped Man child. They have no respect for you, they just see you like the little guy in class that always wanted to help with homework. You may want to try and impress them after they go out and get fucked by well hung guys they meet and ask if you can clean them up.

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