Fuck You, Go Fuck Yourself Erotic Humiliation

In honor of Mean Girls day I made an incredibly erotic fuck you humiliation MP3 therapy session.
You’ll find yourself turned on in way’s you’ve never felt before as my voice taunts you.

Fuck You, Go Fuck Yourself Erotic Humiliation MP3 11 min gofuckuyourself.mp3
In this efficient audio therapy session you’ll find yourself jerking off to me telling you to fuck yourself so seductively it melts your mind. You’re so addicted to my humiliation, you love when I tell you to go fuck off. I’m going to warp your mind as you jerk off like a pathetic loser as I tell you to go fuck yourself. Hearing my voice tell you to fuck yourself in so many ways has never been so incredibly hot. The humiliation that you crave to hear the mental picture of me standing in front of you telling you to go fuck yourself. Never in your life has being told to fuck off been so erotic and therapeutic. Now begin your therapy and go fuck yourself!


Dr. Lovejoy’s Weekend Humiliation Euphoria Whisper JOI ASMR MP3

Your whisper fetish is about to get satiated. It’s time for a weekend humiliation ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) MP3. Put on your headphones and get lost in my whisper. You’re going to stroke your cock to my euphoric whispers as I guide you along humiliating you the entire way. You will become lost in the erotic sounds emanating from my lips leaving your mind tingling and your body quivering. You will feel my voice take total control of your pathetic excuse for a cock. You will feel new sensations bringing you to a new level of degraded erotic awareness. You will be controlled and hypnotized by my whisper triggering he most amazing sensations as I direct you to stroke and cum for me. Feel my humiliating euphoria take over you through my whisper.

ASMR Humiliation MP3

Penis Growth Hypnosis MP3

Do you wish you had a larger penis? The latest in my femdom humiliation therapy audio is aimed to my clients who have insecurities about their penis.
Your penis isn’t as big as you wished it was, you’ve always wanted a larger more thicker cock and with this hypnosis therapy session you will go deep under and find that your cock will get thicker and longer with each time you listen to this therapy session. You will go so deep that you will feel the surge of hormones rushing inside of you as your penis grows to the size you’ve always desired it to. The more you listen and obey my words and obey my voice the more you will be able to fall deep under and control the length and thickness of your penis. My erotic voice will have you so relaxed and deep under the tingle in your thighs is beginning already before you’ve even started. Lets begin and feel as your penis is about to grow.

17 minutes of Dr. Lovejoy’s audio therapy

Penis Growth MP3

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