Dr. Lovejoy’s Weekend Stress Stroke Cum Countdown MP3

It’s your favorite part of the weekend., Its time to spend the weekend jerking off for your Dr. Lovejoy. Its been a really long week hasn’t it. Spend the weekend jerking off letting all that stress and annoyance dissipate. This week has been far too long and not enough masturbating has happened. I know you’re already hard, it only took 2 seconds for you to hear my voice to get rock hard. Are you ready to take your cock out for me and start stroking? You need to spend the weekend jerking off to my voice as I remind you what a stroke slave you are. You;re so fucking horny for me. You’re so turned on for your Dr. Lovejoy. Lets begin shall we. Take your cock out and get on your knees masturbator.


Dr Lovejoy Makes Your Mind Go Blank Hypnosis MP3

In this 12 minute session I’m going to empty out your mind to make all of my sessions much more deep for you. In fact, anything after listening to this session is going to become more intensified. I’m going to empty out your mind and make it go completely blank. You will become a nice clean slate susceptible to anything that I tell you. Your mind will become so blank that all sessions you listen too will have a more intense effect. Its a beautiful feeling to be completely blank and not have to think at all, it feels so comforting and so good to have your mind completely freed and blank from all thoughts. You’re going to become a clean slate and as any words come into your head you will just accept this things that I have to say. Your mind will be so blank that it will unlock the pathway to the deepest parts of your mind. Your mind becoming blank will leave you so empty that you won’t even be there inside your own mine. I will have blanked out all of your personality and who you are. There will be no reason to think or feel. You’re going to go blank and just allow yourself to follow my voice speaking to you until you are completely blank and empty.

Go Blank Hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy’s Gay Affirmations

My calming and serene voice will take you on a 30 minute affirmation journey. With my gay affirmations you will release yourself from the fear of being gay and open yourself to the truth. You will listen and repeat positive affirmations centering your mind to be accepting of how gay you are. You will give myself permission to shine like a fairy because you’re gay. You will be your own cheerleader and gay best friend. You’re centered, calm and clear when you’re thinking of another man because you’re gay. You don’t have to be straight you have to be yourself because you’re gay. You’re proud of all the gay porn you look at because you’re gay. Today you will give yourself permission to be even more gay. Today you will release fear and open your heart to true love and being gay.

Gay Affirmations

Brainwashing You To Crave Transexual Cock MP3

Lets end the month with some relaxing brainwashing. It’s always nice on a Friday to spend the weekend nice and relaxed with my voice in your mind. I’m going to take you on a 27 minute femdom therapy journey where I brainwash you to lust and crave transexual cock. No effects just my natural raw seductive voice guiding you along and brainwashing you into a weak puddle of cum.
You’ve been waiting to get that little man pussy of your stuffed by a big fat thick transexual cock. Every single time you hear me say the words “Tranny cock” you’re going to want it even more. Tranny cock sounds so good, your mouth is already watering thinking about it. Big tits, long legs a tiny wasist and a big thick tranny cock to service. Just thinking about tranny cock has you so excited. There’s nothing more delicious and beautiful then a pretty transexuals cock. Every time I say the word tranny your pussy begins to water. The word tranny keeps triggering you to want those big tits in your face and a thick 8 inch cock to fuck you.

Tranny Cock Brainwashing

Femdom Therapy Orgasm Denial MP3

Dr. Lovejoy Denies Your Orgasm MP3 6 min
There is such pleasure in the pain of being denied your orgasm. Stroke on edge for long periods of time begging to cum and being told no. It’s even more erotic when your in a femdom therapy session being denied by your beautiful Dr. Lovejoy.
In this session I’m going to tell you a special phrase. Once you hear that special phrase no matter how close to the edge you are your body will not allow you to have an orgasm. You might feel like you’re going to cum but it will not work no matter how excited you seem to be. I’m going to make it impossible to achieve that orgasm and the more you listen to this session the more difficult its going to become to get there. Once you hear that trigger you will not be able to orgasm until you hear another trigger word. There will simply be no way to get yourself over the edge. You will be denied, you deserve to be denied.


Orgasm Denied MP3