Dr. Lovejoy Make You Become Dumb And Mindless

Dr. Lovejoy Makes You Become Dumb
In my new erotic audio session I’m going to ease your mind and help you empty it making you become a clear headed idiot. They say that ignorance is bliss which is exactly why i’m going to take your smarts away and make you become the dumb dumb that you are.
It gives you a headache being smart, you get dizzy when you have to think too much. Life is so much easier when your mind can go blank and you become dumb. It’s nice to be dumb, I’m going to make you become empty headed and dumb. It feels really sexy to be dumb, your body feels at ease when you’re dumb. You’re going to become so dumb that you’ll only be able to speak with small words because big words are just too hard to pronounce and they give you a headache. You’ll find yourself needing to count numbers on your fingers and forgetting how to do the most basic math. It’s a turn on to be dumb to feel your head so light and empty and the more you listen to this file the more dumb you’ll become with each listen.

Make You Dumb

Deepening The Therapy MP3

Welcome to August, As we begin the month I’ve made a special MP3 that is essential to your therapy collection or the first thing you get if you haven’t begun your MP3 therapy yet. Have you set aside time to call me for a session? Have you been listening to your therapy sessions? You might be someone who I haven’t had a session thats been curious about my special therapy. Its a new month and a new time for some Humiliation Therapy.

This is an essential accompaniment to listen to before starting any of my files. This is the first edition of a primer to deeper your mind before any of our sessions live or for every audio file that I have. This is a very important file to own to help you achieve the maximum mind penetration in our deep therapy sessions. You will allow yourself to relax and get into a deep relaxed mind state. You will find yourself spiraling down deep into a very relaxed and comfortable state. Your mind will be primed and ready for slipping deep into an obedient trance like state.

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Deepen Your Mind