Dr. Lovejoy’s Masturbation Trance Trigger Orgasm

A new Femdom therapy MP3 session that will leave your mind feeling very clean with my erotic cleansing.

Dr. Lovejoy’s Masturbation Trance Trigger Orgasm 11:41 Minutes
Taking you deep into a deep relaxing trance you feel yourself letting go. You get to that relaxing submissive mind space and now, I am in control. You are under my complete control and are ready to serve me. You will begin to feel an intense flow of energy will begin to control your cock making it throb and ache. You’re becoming so aroused by my words and my voice that your cock is swelling helplessly for me. While you’re listening to my stroke commands you fall under my masturbation stroke therapy. Stroking your cock as I tell you too until I count you down to an intense orgasm.

Masturbation Trance Hypnosis

$10.00 for a limited time.