Masturbation Trigger Hypnosis MP3

In this masturbation hypnosis Femdom therapy session you will learn a special phrase that will trigger an exciting small change in your life. You understand first that you choose to listen to this file and that you accept the consequences and must accept what is going to happen. Something is going to happen, its something that will be inevitable. With this special trigger you will find yourself feeling the uncontrollable desire to masturbate uncontrollably. You will enjoy a deep obedient feeling where all you want to do is masturbate until you cum no matter what else is happening. Are you ready to start stroking?

Masturbation Trigger MP3

Holiday Masturbation Addiction Therapy

The holidays can bring out extra unwanted amounts of stress and tension in your life. All the pressure to buy the perfect gift, having enough money to buy everything, too much family around, not being able to be the real you. It’s just too much and I’m going to help you alleviate that stress with a special holiday masturbation therapy session. You already know how good it feels to masturbate your stress away but you will now intensify your masturbation sessions. You will stroke even more for me, you will stroke more for your Dr. Lovejoy. You will find yourself triggered to want to masturbate when you see or hear certain holiday oriented words, songs, visuals. You always want to please your Dr. Lovejoy and you know that doing as I tell you makes me happy. When I’m happy you’re happy. You will use this holiday masturbation therapy session to get you through this holiday season. Be prepared for an intense amount of masturbation and I must warn you this MP3 therapy session may cause a deeper more serious masturbation addiction as a result of frequent orgasms.

14 minute MP3 download

Holiday Masturbation

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Do You Feel Shame When You Masturbate To Porn?

I hear a lot of Men talk about their porn addiction and how after they have an orgasm they are disgusted with themselves. I’ve heard some say they feel a deep shame when they realize they’ve just had an orgasm over something so perverted and twisted. They and maybe even you reading this feel that shame because it is perverse and some of what you’re masturbating too is absolutely disgusting and you should feel a shame inside for being turned on by such things. I won’t elaborate on what I think are some of those things are I will let you use your imagination.
You can also call me on Niteflirt and we can discuss what you masturbate to and if there is a burning shame within you. More pillow humping fetish clients have been feeling that shame. One of my clients has been so obsessed with pillow humping porn that he said he watch’s it several times a day and is starting to have a problem going to sleep with his wife because the pillow’s in the bed are starting to get in the way.
He looks at the pillows with total anxiety and shame because all he can think of doing is flipping on in a diagonal position and as he told it “making love to it with his tiny little cock”. We have a lot of therapy to get too, there is a lot more pillow humping to do before his addiction ends that is if I think this addiction should end.

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