Audio Erotica You’re In Love With My Voice

You’re so in love with my voice that all you want to do is stroke and stroke to my voice and fall in love with my voice. My voice is so sensual and controlling. The way my voice melts your brain into a deep submissive hypnotized puddle of weakness gets you so hard. You’re going to fall in love even deeper with My voice and you will stroke to My voice as I tell you to and when I tell you too. You’re so in love with My voice you can’t help but follow along to ever single word that I say with the utmost attention. My voice will own your hard cock and orgasm that you will give to me.
Included – Sensual – Femdom – No Effects – Jerk Off Instruction + 2 Photos

in Love With My Voice

Dr. Lovejoy Makes You A Hypnotized Female For A Day

I love being a Female, I love my lean soft skin and my pretty face. I love being a Female. Does the sissy inside you want to know what its like to be a Woman? Do you want to feel like a Woman? You think about it how can you not wonder what you would be like if you were a Woman.
You’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to go through life feeling like a Female and now you’re going to get the chance with this hypnotic suggestive session. You will become a female for a day. You will think female thoughts, you will feel as though you have been a female since birth while in this alternate reality. Your penis will still be intact but you won’t notice or feel that it’s even there. You won’t think about being a man at all, you will feel like a total Woman with all the sensations and emotions of a Woman. You will think female thoughts, you will act like a woman you will become a female for a day.



Are You Good In Bed? Sex Quiz

Valentines Day brings out a lot of feelings that will draw you to my humiliation therapy. The pressure of buying gifts, the pressure of not being a great lover. I’ll be taking sex advice calls all week long to help you get through this holiday. In honor of Saint Valentine and the many clients that want to discuss their sexual performance I created a new quiz. When it comes to being a red hot lover, are you a stud in the sack or are you a failure who should consider being a cuckold? Test your passion prowess with my “Are You Good In Bed” quiz. After you take the quiz I will determine what kind of a lover you are. Prepare for some intense therapy sessions after I confirm your love lust in bed.

Dr. Lovejoy's Sex Quiz

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Pussy Lover Programming Hypnosis MP3

You may already love pussy and want to love it even more or you may be questioning your sexuality because you don’t love pussy enough and need to be trained and reprogrammed to enjoy, love, and crave pussy. In this intense 15 minute hypo therapy session I am going to program your mind to know that Goddess pussy is all you should have on your mind. That pussy is your highest sexual desire the taste of pussy, the smell the shape. Everything about pussy will be your biggest joy in life. You will be a pussy connoisseur loving every aspect of the warm sweet pussy. Pussy will become a higher priority then sex. Pussy will be the taste that you crave on your tongue and on your lips every waking moment. Pussy will bring you the ultimate in pleasure you are simply a pussy lover. You love pussy you live to experience pussy, pussy is your life.

Dr. Lovejoy always knows what best for you.

15 Minutes $14.99

Pussy Loser MP3

Masturbation Hypnosis Weekend Therapy MP3/Photo

Brand new masturbation hypnosis weekend special. I made this special just for the weekends to give you something to look forward too when my office is closed. You’ve been waiting all week to get some of that femdom therapy Friday haven’t you. You’re ready to let the tension go and let the hypnotizing weekend masturbation begin. You need to orgasm, you need to cum so bad, so hard. You are addicted to my words and beauty. You’ve been waiting for my hypnotic voice and my incredible body to bring you to a place where you’re so submissive, hard, weak and in my control needing your orgasm therapy. You need your sex therapist Dr. Lovejoy’s hypnotizing weekend masturbation instruction. It’s only a matter of time until you can only cum to my voice. The words Friday, Saturday and Sunday take on a whole new meaning. Click for your weekend session.

Weekend Jerk Off Instruction