Be A Faggot, Do What Faggots Do ASMR Whispers MP3

You have the option to listen and watch the faggot hypnosis wheel video or you can listen alone to the MP3 for on the go.
You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
In this whisper ASMR session you’re going to learn to do what faggots do. You want to be a faggot, if you want to be a faggot you have do all the things that faggots do. You want to look at big dicks on the internet, you want to look at big dicks on tv. Only a faggot would do that so, these are the things that you’re going to do. You’re going to learn about fashion and become a trendy faggot, you’re going to learn about male models because that’s what faggots know about. You want to be a faggot and that makes you a faggot, faggot. You want to do what faggots do. The more you listen to these hypnotizing whispers the more of a faggot you’re going to become. Faggots love to go to gay bars to pick up hot dick, faggots like you love fast access to cock. You know where to get all the good online dick because that’s what faggots know. Faggots go to glory holes and now you’re going to go to a glory hole. The more you listen to your faggot training whispers the more of a faggot you’re going to become and do the things that faggots do, faggot.


Holiday Stress Masturbation Relief Erotic Audio

Masturbating For Dr. Lovejoy Morning, Noon and Night
New erotic audio on Niteflirt that will get you through he holiday season.
Fall under the guidance of my powerful voice with 30 minutes of obsessive masturbator stroking. My therapy session will go deep into your mind penetrating masturbation addiction repetitions to bliss out too as you accept what you are. You are an obsessed masturbator. Morning, Noon and night you’re going to masturbate. You’re going to be thinking about the next place you’re going to masturbate moments after your last orgasm because you’re such and addicted masturbator. Allow yourself to let go and relax as you listen to the sounds of my intense words implant themselves into your mind. Morning, noon and night take on a whole new meaning.


Morning, Noon And Night

Small Cock Hypnosis Humiliation

Show Off Your Small Cock Hypnosis Humiliation

I’ve got a new hypnosis femdom therapy session thats sure to help you, You know what your cock looks like and you’re well aware of the size but now you’re going to appreciate how small your cock is. I’m going to put you into a 10 minute trance like state. In this trance like state of mind you’re going to feel a deep urge to post a photo of your small cock on Twitter. Nothing is going to stop you from needing to let as many people as possible see how small you are. You’re not even going to need to show your face or body, you’re just going to have the burning desire to show off your small cock. You will find that even in a trance like state at any time you might pick up your phone and take a photo of your little cock and without hesitation post a photo of your small cock for the whole world to see and laugh at. You want everyone to see exactly how small you are, you want to completely expose yourself and theres zero embarrassment. You need this, the urge is surging you must expose your small cock online.

Small Penis Humiliation

Dr Lovejoy Makes Your Mind Go Blank Hypnosis MP3

In this 12 minute session I’m going to empty out your mind to make all of my sessions much more deep for you. In fact, anything after listening to this session is going to become more intensified. I’m going to empty out your mind and make it go completely blank. You will become a nice clean slate susceptible to anything that I tell you. Your mind will become so blank that all sessions you listen too will have a more intense effect. Its a beautiful feeling to be completely blank and not have to think at all, it feels so comforting and so good to have your mind completely freed and blank from all thoughts. You’re going to become a clean slate and as any words come into your head you will just accept this things that I have to say. Your mind will be so blank that it will unlock the pathway to the deepest parts of your mind. Your mind becoming blank will leave you so empty that you won’t even be there inside your own mine. I will have blanked out all of your personality and who you are. There will be no reason to think or feel. You’re going to go blank and just allow yourself to follow my voice speaking to you until you are completely blank and empty.

Go Blank Hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Phone Sex Addiction

In this session I’m going to take advantage of your phone sex addiction and increase it. I’m going to put you into a weak mental state and double your fixation on phone sex sites. Theres not a whole lot more exciting for an addict like you then calling a brand new girl in hopes of telling them that same story you like to tell time and time again. Always looking for that specific reaction that makes your cock so hard and gives you the best orgasms. It doesn’t matter who’s behind the voice because you’re a phone sex addict and your phone sex addiction is going to grow to twice the level it was before after listening to this. You want to feel what its like to be told about your pathetic addiction to paying Woman to talk to you. You will find yourself scrolling through phone sex sites as you listen and by the end you will need to pick up and call a phone sex line.


Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Phone Sex Addiction