Femdom Fitness Therapy

Summer is winding down and I continue to have sessions that deal with a lot of low self esteem due to poor body image. I hear a lot about how overweight my clients are and that their belly is so round that they can’t even see their penis. I often hear that no Woman will touch them because the are too skinny and pale or just flabby and mushy. Most come to me and know that I am their only help they need my Femdom motivation to get their fat ass in shape.

My custom made Femdom Fitness routines are available to you through special request. We will work out your goals and map out a strict workout regimen. Its no wonder you’re spending thousands of dollars a year on adult phone lines no Woman wants a fat flabby out of shape lazy Male. Do you catch girls laughing at you at the beach or the pool when you take your shirt off because you have man boobs? Just imagine how many times one of those mean girls took a picture of you and put it on the web with a caption. Do you want to be a fatty for the rest of your life? Are you getting hard at this fat humiliation I’m talking about?. If the answer is yes then this is the therapy you need. Its time to move forward with your new life.

Femdom Fitness MP3