Dr. Lovejoy Turns You Into A Bikini Wearing Slut

Dr. Lovejoy’s Turns You Into A Bikini Wearing Cum Slut is the latest MP3 femdom therapy 5:20 minutes. I was inspired as I was spending time at the beach looking at men in small mankinis and so many beautiful Woman in bikinis.
In this humiliation session I’m going to trigger you that you want to be a bikini wearing, cum loving slut. Bikinis are everywhere and wherever you go you see those sexy bikinis. All those girls with the hot bodies and the big tits, I know you love to look at the girls with big huge tits bouncing around and those pretty belly button rings. You can tell which girls are the slutty ones and you want to be one. You want to be a bikini wearing cum loving slut for your Dr. Lovejoy.

Bikini Cum Cum Slut

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