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I’ve got a new Niteflirt Goody for you in the Niteflirt Goodie bags! The weekend is almost here and I’ve come up with a way to make your weekend a much more pleasurable experience.
This is a suggestive erotic audio session designed for weekend therapy ending on a Monday morning. I will plant suggestions into your mind and you will immediately begin to feel them. This weekend therapy session will leave you in a state of horny addiction. You will feel horny the entire weekend and feel the urge to masturbate and orgasm for the entire weekend. Wherever you are you will be turned on, seeing beautiful Woman, short skirts, legs, will give you the intense horny feelings you obsessive over. You will feel horny no matter where you are, you will need to find a place to stroke and cum wherever you are.

Cock Stroke Hypnosis Weekend

Humiliation Therapy

You’ve been craving a modern new approach to therapy. A more honest approach where your therapist tells you the deep truths about yourself. My honest therapy is so intense it makes your cock hard from the deep truths. I thought it was time again to talk about how amazing my Femdom therapy session are. Here are some of the latest comments my clients have left after our therapy sessions or listening to my erotic MP3 sessions. Do I judge, yes of course I judge. I am here to judge you, to tell you the truth and you will learn to feel the truth. Is there a sissy thats waiting to come out of your masculine body and call me with a girly voice to talk about make-up and cock? Don’t feel ashamed, feel the humiliation and embrace it. I look forward to getting deep into your mind.
Dr. Lovejoy Is Amazing

Does Money Matter To Women?

Does money matter to a Woman? This is a question I’m often asked, usually I’m asked with a quiver in the voice in fear of what I’m going to say or rather, confirm. From what I’ve observed in life and the Woman i’m closest with I’m going to have to tell you that from my sexpert opinion yes, money matters.
A Woman like myself who’s self sufficient financially and every other way doesn’t need a man for money but I do feel like a real man takes care of a Woman and the money she makes is for saving and doing as she wants with it. A Woman should never have to pay for a dinner date, a Woman should never have to use her own money to buy something sexy that you’re going to get turned on by. Woman want a man who will take care of these luxuries. Woman are pleased by money, cash makes many Woman very wet. You do want to please a Woman don’t you? All roads lead to Financial Domination. There’s a lot more to this topic we can cover so, lets schedule a session and find out how I can help you please a woman.

Woman Love Money

Mp3 Suggestions Now Being Taken

Any special requests for mp3’s please let me know. I am currently open to suggestion and humiliating inspirations. Let your tales be the inspiration of my words for the masses. Helping change your life with my special phone sex therapy.

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