You’ll Masturbate To My Every Word. Erotic Audio Porn Mp3

My voice cuts deep into your soul, the moment you hear me speaking your heart begins to race as you know that my voice can control you. Now you’re going to let it control you in a deeper way. You’re going to focus and masturbate to my every word as your addiction for my therapy intensifies. You’ll Masturbate To My Every Word You love masturbating to my voice, you love masturbating to me and it doesn’t matter that you don’t really know me. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know any of my personal details. None of it matters, and only one thing does. You love masturbating and you love listening to what I tell you and my voice. You’ll masturbate to anything that I say, you love to masturbate to any way that I treat you. I can say anything to you and your pathetic cock would still get hard. You hang on every word and stroke away like a mindless hand fuck junkie. Every word I say is so hot and makes you hard, it’s my voice, its so confident and relaxing and sometimes even totally condescending and bitchy. It doesn’t matter, you’re going to masturbate to it, you’re going to masturbate to every word that I say. You’re going to be so hard and at a loss of masturbating control. Start your therapy now and listen to my every word. 

Dr. Lovejoy’s Masturbation Trance Trigger Orgasm

A new Femdom therapy MP3 session that will leave your mind feeling very clean with my erotic cleansing.

Dr. Lovejoy’s Masturbation Trance Trigger Orgasm 11:41 Minutes
Taking you deep into a deep relaxing trance you feel yourself letting go. You get to that relaxing submissive mind space and now, I am in control. You are under my complete control and are ready to serve me. You will begin to feel an intense flow of energy will begin to control your cock making it throb and ache. You’re becoming so aroused by my words and my voice that your cock is swelling helplessly for me. While you’re listening to my stroke commands you fall under my masturbation stroke therapy. Stroking your cock as I tell you too until I count you down to an intense orgasm.

Masturbation Trance Hypnosis

$10.00 for a limited time.

Extreme Feelings Of Horniness MP3

A new erotic audio session is here. This is a short hypnotic therapy session designed to make you feel a highly unusual extreme amount of being horny. In fact you will feel the horniest you’ve ever felt and it will just be from listening to my intensely sensual voice. You know how I make you feel so good, so good that the feeling is going to be amplified. Your mind will clear of all negative thoughts and be filled with nothing but intense amounts of sexual energy. My hypnotic voice completely consumes your mind and body and you begin to feel insides throbbing. The intensity is already building just thinking about it. Feel it, worship it and live it. The feeling will draw you back for more and more. This hypnotic audio file is highly addicting and will cause extreme feelings between your thighs.

I always have the right thing to say,


Extreme Feelings Of Horniness