It’s Too Late, You’re A Faggot Forever! Audio Porn

Are you ready for more faggot therapy? It’s your favorite thing which is why its too late.

It’s Too Late, You’re A Faggot Forever!!! w cum countdown

In this faggot therapy session we’re going to talk about how it’s now too late. You’ve gone deep into faggot therapy and now there’s no turning back from it. There is no going back faggot, we’ve been doing this faggot therapy for some time now and it’s only gotten more intense. You love when I call you faggot, it all started in the beginning when you heard me call you faggot. Here we are now and there is no escape faggot, you can’t stop finding yourself in constant need of faggot therapy. You can’t get through the week with out your faggot therapy sessions and hearing my voice guide you in your faggot life. There is no turning back, it’s too late and its time to surrender to being a faggot for life. You hit the faggot wall, you’re so deep in this faggot therapy that you can;t come back from this faggot. With my help and therapy sessions and just listening to my voice you’ve become a faggot and there is no going back faggot. It’s too late there is no making your heterosexual life happen again, you can’t turn back now faggot. There is no just tasting the faggot zone and turning around. you’re in deep faggot. You’re in so deep faggot, just let go and surrender and listen as I count you down to your new faggot reality.

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You know im right, there is no turning back.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Pussy Repellent Hypnosis MP3

You’re going to immerse yourself in 30 minutes of brain scrubbing words. In this sissy training exercise i’m going to reassemble your thoughts and feelings to where you find yourself repulsed and disgusted by Woman’s pussy. You will be repelled by the site of a vagina even if its the most beautiful Woman you’ve ever seen. You will be sickened by the thought of having to lick a Woman’s pussy. You will be disgusted by pussy in every way. There will be nothing more disgusting to you than the thought of having a Woman sit on your face because pussy is so gross and slimy to you now. The more time you spend listening to this file the more you will be repelled by pussy.

Pussy Repellent

You’re Worthless – Humiliation Hypnosis Therapy

The hypnotic humiliation you crave to hear, the humiliation you crave to be confirmed to you by your all knowing Dr. Lovejoy. My raw erotic voice delivers to you all the humiliation you crave with this Humiliation therapy session.You are not worthy of your Goddess whether you are serving me or someone else you are not worthy. You are an absolute nothing and you know it you’re worthless inside and out. You’re hardly worthy of being used, you are purely just trash. Being used and berated is the greatest pleasure you will ever receive. You know your place and ache to be taken there. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and and get ready to swallow what little pride you have as the therapy session begins.

Worthless Humiliation

Humiliation Therapy

You’ve been craving a modern new approach to therapy. A more honest approach where your therapist tells you the deep truths about yourself. My honest therapy is so intense it makes your cock hard from the deep truths. I thought it was time again to talk about how amazing my Femdom therapy session are. Here are some of the latest comments my clients have left after our therapy sessions or listening to my erotic MP3 sessions. Do I judge, yes of course I judge. I am here to judge you, to tell you the truth and you will learn to feel the truth. Is there a sissy thats waiting to come out of your masculine body and call me with a girly voice to talk about make-up and cock? Don’t feel ashamed, feel the humiliation and embrace it. I look forward to getting deep into your mind.
Dr. Lovejoy Is Amazing

Ask A Sexpert – My Wife Is Sleeping With My Best Friend

Question: Dr. Lovejoy, Before I married my wife I had always thought she was flirty with my best friend. He’s attractive, single and the player type thats not looking to settle down. His nickname is Cob because of his rather large penis. My wife has always asked about it and has always told me she’s going to see that big cock “cob” one of these days and see what everyone was talking about.  She was in the shower last night and her phone was on the table. I kept hearing it buzz so I walked over to it and I picked it up and it was a text from COB! I looked and it was a text of his cock hanging over some tits with a big load on it. My wife has a small birthmark on her left breast and I didn’t even know what to do it was her breasts in the photo! Dr. Lovejoy my wife has been taking twice as many showers a day. Is she fucking him? I really think she is having an affair and cuckolding me.

Friend of Cob, your wife is most definitely having sex with your best friend. She’s taking frequent showers because she more then likely has big loads of his cum inside of her. She probably has his scent of body wash or cologne on her too. At least she’s being courteous and cleaning up the sloppy mess he’s left inside her. You should call me up for a therapy session on how to deal with this issue and talk about life as a cuckold. Dr. Lovejoy


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