Dr. Lovejoys Big Breast Sissy Hypnosis Session

A new sissy hypnotizing MP3 that will leave you glowing with beautiful breasts.

Dr. Lovejoy Will Make You Have Full Breasts In A Bra Hypnosis MP3

In this hypnotic therapy session we will explore having Woman’s breasts. I am going to take you to a place where every time you put on a Woman’s bra you will find yourself feeling the bra filled with perfect shaped, perfect filled out breasts on your very body.
Breasts don’t just look they feel as well. You will feel how erotic it is to have the soft fleshy breasts and perfect nipples pressing against the soft bra. You will feel them moving with your body and this feeling will be intense. These feelings will not disappear until you have taken the bra off. Once you listen to this that is how it will be from that point on.


Big Breast Hypnosis