Dr. Lovejoy’s Big Black Cock Obsession Brainwashing MP3

Dr. Lovejoy’s Big Black Cock Obsession Brainwashing 15 minutes
Your curiosity for big black cocks is about to get satiated. I’m going to brainwash you with my raw erotic femdom therapy as I implant triggers into your mind that make you obsessed with black cock. Every time you pass a man with dark skin you’ll find yourself curious as to how hung his cock is. You will find yourself having constant thoughts of being on your hands and knees wanting to serve a large hung black cock. You’re going to be totally obsessed with huge black cocks. You can feel your mouth already starting to water reading this and thinking about what it would be like to feel that big black cock against your pink sissy lips and tasting the load that a 10 inch black cock can feed you. Let the big black cock brainwashing therapy begin.

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Black Cock Brainwashing

Black Cock Fetish

You’re living a straight life but your mind keeps wandering to thinking sexual thoughts about cock. The only way you can really express yourself  and your secret longing for cock is by calling phone sex lines and confessing your homo feelings. But, this is a different kind of craving for cock. You only want really big cocks and you’ve heard that black men have the biggest stud cocks around. You can only cum thinking about you or your wife or girlfriend being taken by a large well hung black man. Does what I say sound familiar to you or get your little cock hard thinking about that suggestion?

“Dr. Lovejoy, I love big penises. especially big black ones. The bigger, the better. The thoughts of big black penises make me weak and envious. I want to submit to hung black men. I want to lick, suck, slurp on a BBC. I want my ass stretch by a BBC. I want to swallow cum. A huge black cock ejaculating a Big, thick, white load is very exciting to me. I need to come clean, I’m a BBC worshiper. Please help me with an  intervention, & reassure me that is normal and natural to be attract to big penises.
Desperately craving large cock – David”

Dr. Lovejoy
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