Go Gay For Dr. Lovejoy Gay Affirmations

Go Gay For Dr. Lovejoy Gay Affirmations 30.00 Minutes
The more you hear my affirmations to go gay the more gay you will become. You’re going to spend the next 30 minutes on an affirmation mind trip, I’m going to go over all the reasons why you want to go gay. Being gay is good, being gay will make you happy. Being gay is who you really are. The more you listen to this session the more it will affirm deep into your brain that you willingly want to go gay for me and for yourself.
Included – Sensual – Femdom – Affirmations – Erotic Voice

Go Gay For Dr Lovejoy

Dr. Lovejoys Sissy Affirmations Words To Sissify Yourself

In this 25 minute powerful affirmation session I am going to help affirm how much of a sissy you are. You will listen again and again hearing affirmations such as how you are proud to be a sissy, how you love cum, how you love cum in your sissy vagina and a lot more. These affirmations are to be listened to daily to really help solidify and affirm what an absolute sissy you really are. There’s no shame in being a sissy so, you should be the best sissy you can be. You need these affirmations to go deep into your mind and bring you into a very deep sissy sub space affirming that you are very much a sissy for life.

Sissy Affirmations

Dr. Lovejoy’s Gay Affirmations

My calming and serene voice will take you on a 30 minute affirmation journey. With my gay affirmations you will release yourself from the fear of being gay and open yourself to the truth. You will listen and repeat positive affirmations centering your mind to be accepting of how gay you are. You will give myself permission to shine like a fairy because you’re gay. You will be your own cheerleader and gay best friend. You’re centered, calm and clear when you’re thinking of another man because you’re gay. You don’t have to be straight you have to be yourself because you’re gay. You’re proud of all the gay porn you look at because you’re gay. Today you will give yourself permission to be even more gay. Today you will release fear and open your heart to true love and being gay.

Gay Affirmations

Words To Hate Yourself By Humiliation Affirmations

You may be successful in business, you might have a nice body, a pretty wife and a life that people envy but, you know inside you’re a total loser. We’re going to damage your self esteem even more with my low self esteem building affirmations. I’m going to help make the difference in your life that you’ve been looking for. I know who you are and I’m going to help maintain the inability to love yourself and accept what a total loser you are. Listen to the affirmations daily to really solidify the feelings. Your Dr. Lovejoy always knows whats best for you.

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Hate Yourself Affirmations