Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Niteflirt Phone Sex Addiction

I’m going to bring your Niteflirt addiction to a higher level in this session. You’re going to feel an intense increase in your desire to spend money on Niteflirt. You’re going to start spending much more money on MP3s, photos, and clips. It’s not even going to matter what the content is you’re going to spend. The more you spend money on Niteflirt the harder your cock will get and the more powerful your orgasms will become. You’ve tried to quit in the past but, this time after you listen to this if you attempt to quit Niteflirt by closing and account and opening a new one it will become much worse. Thats right, if you open a new account for each new account you open you will spend twice as much as the time before and it will keep increasing with each attempt. You might as well surrender and give in to the fact that you’re just a total Niteflirt addict and it feels good to become more addicted and it feels so good to stroke and pay, stroke and pay and stroke and pay more and more. The only way to achieve the more maximum intense orgasm is spending more on Niteflirt. Listen closely, listen with intention and follow my words allowing the addiction to take you even deeper.

Niteflirt Addiction Hypnosis