Stroke And Pay Your Life Away For Dr. Lovejoy. Financial Domination Mantras

Are you ready to go into my stroke and pay abyss? My mantra is going to melt you into a sensual state of masturbation bliss. Grab your cock and wallet and lets being this seductive intense session.

Stroke And Pay Your Life Away For Dr. Lovejoy
In this session I want you to really sit back and focus on what I say. Your masturbation addiction will intensify during and after this session. My words and my voice are going to hit deep, hard and intense in this session. You will go over stroke and pay mantras with me as you become mesmerized into a deep stroke and pay mindset.
You feel so good when you stroke and spend and follow along with my mantras. The more you masturbate and spend the better your life will be. This is a very intense and deep masturbation session, you will crave stroking and paying your life away.


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