Sissy Therapy

A sissy fetish can be very intense and extremely humiliating to live with. Finding yourself having a connection to lingerie and pretty female undergarments.

“Dr. Lovejoy
When i slip into bed at night, i feel bombarded by fantasies of humiliation as a sissy. my fantasies refuse to leave me alone — especially when i stop for the day and try to sleep. i feel overwhelmed by being tied up and left helpless. all i can think of is pretty silky lingerie against my skin teasing me, refusing to let me go…trapped. i feel the hot lips of a woman whispering in my ear what a sissy i am and how embarrassing it must be to be such a sissy. i try to fall asleep but it’s always the same. i can’t get the thoughts out of my head and i wind up masturbating…sometimes 2 or 3 times before i fall asleep. during the day, these things can and often come back to haunt me with desire. i try not to think about it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. the problem i think is that i don’t really want to stop. i feel strongly addicted to these bizarre fantasies. i just can’t seem to make sense of them but a part of me doesn’t want to make sense of them. it just wants to give in and surrender to it all and feel helpless and overwhelmed by it all the time. it is humiliating. yet, the humiliation and the helplessness and the feeling trapped has become a drug addiction i don’t know how to control. so last night was a relief of sorts though most of me wishes it had not been a relief. i came to you because i thought you might be able to help me. after last night, i believe you can. i trust you. funny, you might be the first person in my entire life that i have ever trusted to do what you think is best. anyway, now i have you in my head. i can still hear your voice. in my most wicked fantasies, i hope there is more…much more. so i’ll say this. if you like being in my head, then i invite you in. the secret me hopes and desires that you will be insidious — that you will make yourself at home in me. my deepest most secret fantasies revealed and exposed. gees i’m rambling. you see? this is what keeps me awake at night and during the day! the only real question i have is, “can you make it worse? can i be made to suffer so?”

I can make this sissy fetish fantasy both go away or I can make the feelings more intense and become even more real then ever before. With the door opened and the client ready to surrender to My humiliation therapy there is no way to know how I will guide your treatment. The first steps are calling me for a session where I will place myself deeper into your head and determine how I see fit what a sissy like you needs.
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