Quiz & Visual Therapy

Are you gay? Are you a cuckold? Are you a masturbation addict? Are you a Phone Sex addict? Do you have a porn addiction? Take these specially designed sex quizzes I have prepared for you with my expert all knowing knowledge. I always have the right answer.

Dr. Lovejoys Mind Altering Visual Therapy

Are You Gay? Quiz + Photos

Are You Meant To Be A Cuckold? Quiz + Photos

Can Your Cock Satisfy Your Lover? Quiz + Photos

Are You A Sissy Strap On Lover? Quiz + Photos

Look Deep Into My Hypnotic Eyes

How Weak Does My Body Make You?

3 thoughts on “Quiz & Visual Therapy

  1. Here’s a fantasy: maybe an insanely smoking hot therapist finds me interesting in some way. Could have to do with my filmmaking ability? Here’s the private link to my film “Apsaras: The Erotic Celestial Dancers Of Indra Loka” on Vimeo:


    I still have to buy a license for one of the songs, and the photos by Raghu Rai are $250 each. Youch! This has kept me from making it public or entering it into an erotic film contest. This is what a horny-as-fuck 60 year young wanker does (when he Inst wanking). Who’d of thunk such intense finely attuned eroticism
    hoes all the way back to ancient times. I think we gotta lotta lern from them that lovers from India so long ago. Fuck do they get it on!! Celestial denizens boning molten hot Apsara pussy!!

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