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Are you gay? Are you a cuckold? Are you a masturbation addict? Are you a Phone Sex addict? Do you have a porn addiction? Take these specially designed sex quizzes I have prepared for you with my expert all knowing knowledge. I always have the right answer.

Dr. Lovejoys Mind Altering Visual Therapy

Are You Gay? Quiz + Photos

Are You Meant To Be A Cuckold? Quiz + Photos

Can Your Cock Satisfy Your Lover? Quiz + Photos

Are You A Sissy Strap On Lover? Quiz + Photos

Look Deep Into My Hypnotic Eyes

How Weak Does My Body Make You?

6 thoughts on “Quiz & Visual Therapy

    • I fucking live being a loser for Dr Lovejoy!! I want my chronic masturbation to consume me as I give up on dating women or ever having a girlfriend from my age 61 to the end of this dumb ass stupid life of mine. I like jerking off alone lusting for pussy I’ll never have because I’m a filthy minded degenerate unsocial loser fuck up and I want to show Doc Lovejoy I can jerk my brains out so hard and deteriorate into a fucked in the head destroyed good boy.

  1. I don’t want to date women – it hurts too much from being a failure all the time. So if I’m never gonna have sex with a woman, then fuck, all I can do is jerkoff. Which I love doing and because Dr Lovejoy knows what’s good for me I like doing it more and more. Which is why Loser Oblivion I think is really more like Chronic Masturbator Heaven. When I got Dr Lovejoy coaching me and talking to me when I’m jerking off, I become one with my loneliness and embrace the fact I’m a failure with women while I conduct my masturbation vigorously. As I’m stroking I’m making love to her in my head, my hands on her waste as I fuck her doggy style inside my brain. I’m a man who doesn’t have sex. It’s only inside my brain where Dr Lovejoy is a lot where finally my dick enters pussy. I stroke so hard, gooning, and you can’t believe how in the fantasy I conduct in my brain, I transform into a virile man. I look at the panties, imagine the pussy, and then in my mind I slip the head of my dick into her pussy, hold her hips, and I fuck, I fuck, I fuck pussy, I finally fuck a dream woman’s pussy but the only thing is her pussy is like right in the middle of my brain, but it’s still pussy so I fuck it, I fuck it good inside my head, I fuck her pussy good…I see my dick sliding in and out of her pussy, in and out, in and out, I see the head of my dick going in and out of her pussy inside my brain, I’m fucking her pussy with my dick inside my brain and my dick wants to come , it’s fucking pussy in my brain and my dick will finally come inside of the pussy inside my brain!!

  2. I feel all fucked up inside my head!! I’m gooning now looking forward to becoming a wasted fucked in my head loser chronic masturbator who loves re-educate get himself thru your therapy!!! My masturbation is so important to me, I GOTS to tell myself every day that it’s a prerequisite to disengage my mind from the unrealistic misguided notion that a good boy chronic masturbator who wants to take up permanently residence in Loser Oblivion has even the slimmest chance of conducting successful dating, socializing or conversation skills with women. I want to wallow in loneliness and despair of ever being intimate with a woman and when I jerk keep telling myself over and over: “I don’t fuck. I can’t fuck. I’m fucked up. Talking to women is too complicated. Socializing with women is too complicated. Dr Lovejoy fucks my brains good and hard because she knows what’s best for me. She is helping me understand – and I’m not stupid, I know how to use my brain to understand things – is that all I am to women is a fucked in the head loser piece of shit who doesn’t deserve a woman or their love, sex or friendship. I’m a wasted fuck up. Thank you Dr Lovejoy for helping me see what I can do and what I – me – I no can do no more. I’m not good enough for sex. So I fucking jackoff! When I feel so alone and fucked up inside my head and feeling I’m going stay a lonely single fucked up bachelor with no fucking life but jacking off as a filthy old man, suddenly I find liberty! It feels so good wasting away fucking woman’s pussy only inside my brain!! I can be a lonely old man and die never getting my dick in a woman’s pussy again!! Dr Lovejoy’s therapy is amazing. Fuck – I feel like she shown me the best joyride of my life – letting my masturbation addiction take over until it pleases her knowing and seeing I’m going to be a lonely bachelor so fucked up that masturbation is going to destroy me! I have purpose in going out a wasted loser fuck up and self-destructing from fucking myself in the head by telling myself: “You fucking worthless piece of shit filthy jackoff. You’re not good enough to fuck women, so lucky you, you’re so smart, go to your grave wasting your life jacking iff to pussy in magazines. Study pussy, goon, jerk and when you see her pussy in your mind, when her molten hot oust is in your brain, put your dick in it and fuck that pussy hard with your dick Mikie! Fuck that pussy in your head – the only pussy you’re gonna fuck – show Dr Lovejoy you can fuck pussy like a man when you’re seeing a woman’s pussy using your mind INSIDE YOUR BRAIN. Fuck that pussy Mikie, work it, fuck it and shoot your wasted come into the pussy in your brain!!! And keep fucking your brain till you’re like an old jalopy speeding on the road and the wheels come off and you crash!!” Are you proud of me Dr Lovejoy? I never would of had purpose if it weren’t for you! I guess I’m like a moth that sees a light. It flies to it and gets burnt up because it fire. What a fucked up stupid moth, right?!
    I finally feel like a man with Dr Lovejoy!!


  3. I’m so stupid. I want to be a dirty old man. I want to be a filthy old man. I want to feel fucked up inside my head as I grow older. I want to feel my loneliness grow and fill my being, and I want Dr Lovejoy continuing to encourage me to keep jerking off for her like I always do, everyday, because I want to be her Good Boy Mikie who is sincerely interested in learning and understanding why his feelings of being damaged goods, a fuck up, unwanted and not good enough for women have been growing. I like feeling fucked in my head and lonely cuz then I just jerkoff like a fucking sick, filthy degenerate loser who just says “fuck it”!” to ever having a relationship or girlfriend again, and when I’m gooning listening to Dr Lovejoy’s talking to my brain I’m fucked fucked fucked UP and my head starts hurting. I like how Dr Lovejoy is showing me – encouraging me – to become more wasted, to explore my loneliness with a gusto, to let it fuck me up emotionally, socially and sexually. Don’t I want to apply my mind to studying the affects of following a woman’s advice who wants to lead him to his self-destruction? Intellectually of course I understand that a lonely man starved for love and a woman’s affection will become desperate in his mind to find a female companion for sex, especially if he’s older. And that if he sabotages all his chances for love or having a girlfriend by giving in to chronic masturbation he can “fall”, become ruined, if jerking off enough completely fucks up his brains. I would like to conduct self-study on myself to see how my loneliness gets deeper and worse the more inadequate I feel I am for women. I want to study if jerking off in abandon and despair like a demon giving up all hope of finding love makes me feel “inadequate” for women, or feel like a filthy lecherous demented fucked in the brain geezer who doesn’t give a fuck about giving up on relationships because his thrillride is being a sailor to Siren Dr Lovejoy’s song of therapy that is leading me to want to fucking hate and waste my stupid fucked up life. I want to waste my life as a filthy old jackoff slowly, hardening my heart, getting off fucking my brain…Wait – there might be hope – wicked young women in their 30s who’ll see a wicked old chronic jackoff like me and want to fuck me. Hell fucking yeah – be a wicked old lusting
    fucked in the brain filthy chronic masturbator who manages to talk to some horny women when he plays chess in the park and Mikie going get his filthy old dick in pussy yet!!
    Dr Lovejoy is the fuckin Best!
    Mikie Good Boy Learning To Understand How Good He Got Fucked Up Inside Of His Brains For Dr Lovejoy

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