Penis Growth Hypnosis MP3

Do you wish you had a larger penis? The latest in my femdom humiliation therapy audio is aimed to my clients who have insecurities about their penis.
Your penis isn’t as big as you wished it was, you’ve always wanted a larger more thicker cock and with this hypnosis therapy session you will go deep under and find that your cock will get thicker and longer with each time you listen to this therapy session. You will go so deep that you will feel the surge of hormones rushing inside of you as your penis grows to the size you’ve always desired it to. The more you listen and obey my words and obey my voice the more you will be able to fall deep under and control the length and thickness of your penis. My erotic voice will have you so relaxed and deep under the tingle in your thighs is beginning already before you’ve even started. Lets begin and feel as your penis is about to grow.

17 minutes of Dr. Lovejoy’s audio therapy

Penis Growth MP3

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