You’re A Loser Who Jerks Off To Instagram

You’re A Loser Who Jerks Off To Instagram

I’ve been monitoring your social media activity and you’ve gone over the limit. I received an alert that your usage has been excessive on instagram. I’m disgusted at the amount of time you’ve spent lurker and jerking off to the hot women of instagram. Your essentially jerking off for free and that is pathetic, sad and disgusting. You are such a fucking loser! now that I have all your statistics I know exactly what you do, when you do it and how long you do it. I see how long you jerk off to thongs, ass, tits and bikini and its really pathetic. You’re an Instagram masturbating loser and now that I know what you do its time to get humiliated for it! You’re going to jerk off to being told what a pathetic instagram masturbator that you are!


Dr. Lovejoy Makes You A Dumb Stroke And Pay Idiot.

Dr. Lovejoy Makes You A Dumb Stroke And Pay Idiot.
This is going to be a really relaxing session. Times have been really stressful these days and you need your mind taken to another level. You’re usually the one with all the answers but not this time. The only answers you’re going to have are the wrong answers. I’m going to make you into a relaxed mindless, dumb idiot. No one will be asking you any questions dumb fuck. You’re just empty headed and stupid which is why you love to pay beautiful women like myself. You love to get deep and once you get deep into the dumb idiot zone you start stroking and paying. You’re going to become more of a dumb, stroke and pay idiot in this hypnotic session.

Dr. Lovejoy’s Deepens Your Masturbation Addiction 2021 MP3

Dr. Lovejoy’s Deepens Your Masturbation Addiction 2021 MP3
It’s the annual time of year where I plant the seeds for a fresh new year of masturbation addiction.
It’s been a strange year and you may or may not have had more time to masturbate. For 2021 we were going to take your masturbation addiction to a deeper level. By now you’ve found all the clever new places and ways to masturbate enabling more time to stroke and stroke and stroke away.
I’m going to take you into a deep stratosphere of stroking. It’s time to go deeper and feel like more of a loser with a masturbation addiction. The more you listen to this session the more you’ll be programmed to accelerate your masturbation addiction in 2021. You’re going to become even more of a loser, more of a masturbator and more of a total addict. Your palm is going to go raw from how much I have you masturbating in 2021.

Intensify Your Self Loathing For Dr. Lovejoy 2021 ASMR Whispers

It’s the time of the year again where I cleanse your mind with my whispers and plant the seeds of the New Year. This year its time to go deeper and darker than ever before. You’ve never been more ready for this so let’s begin.

Intensify Your Self Loathing 2021 ASMR Whispers
You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
I’m going to intensify your self loathing for 2021. My whispers will control you more than ever, making you more of a loser in 2021.
2021 is the year to make your self esteem deeply plummet. In this whisper ASMR session, you’re going to fall deep into a trance like state of self loathing. You will go deeply as my whispers and words induce tingles all over your mind and body, the words you will watch will imprint deeply into your mind taking your self loathing deeper and deeper during 2021 My whispers take you deep into the loser abyss so deep you’re never going to come out. You’re going to jerk off more than ever as you become more of a loser failure. My powerful whispers take you so deep into loser sub space you may never come back.


Get Lost In Your Love Of Pornography For Dr. Lovejoy

A deeper way to do submit to your porn obsession.

Get Lost In Your Love Of Pornography
I want you to get lost in pornography, your love of pornography is very special to you and you’re going to get lost and obsess over it. Pornography really moves you, it can be any kind of pornography, a movie, a conversation, an mp3 it doesn’t really matter it’s pornography. I want you to get lost in pornography, I want your love for pornography to expand. I want you to spend more time surrounding yourself with pornography, integrating pornography even more into your life. I want pornography to take over your life. I want pornography to become something deeper in your life. Just hearing me say the word pornography makes you weak and makes your love of pornography grow even more intense. You’re going to fall deep under and get lost in your intense deep love of pornography.