Out With The Old Addiction And In With The New

My new Humiliation Therapy office opening has been quite a nice start at my new home on Niteflirt . It’s such a pleasure to know that in this new year I can be here for so many desperate souls just needing to talk to someone who understands. With the new year here and resolutions a plenty its time to just get right to it. I know many of you are going to try to stop your phone sex addictions, curb your cravings for a cock in your mouth and try to resist the urge to think about your lover with another man. The chances to that sticking are very slim, fetish addictions are very hard habits to break. Especially when they feel so good and so right. Lets go over those resolutions together and dig a bit deeper, whatever it takes to make your life better. Even if that means calling your favorite phone sex line every single day.

Dr. Lovejoy

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