You’re A Horny Masturbation Addict Mp3

Do you have a masturbation issue? Do you chronically want to touch your cock? Do you get turned on by the smallest things like the scent of a Womans perfume? Do you think about orgasms all day long until you go to bed but, once you’re in bed you know that the only way to fall asleep is to masturbate. I’ve created a helpful Mp3 for your horny addictions.
You’re always horny you have a masturbation addiction, you feel the need to masturbate all the time. You’re constantly sexually aroused and you need that sexual release. It’s ok I’m going to make it feel ok getting into your mind soothing and confining your obsession. After all, you can’t ignore being horny. Don’t try to resist it, it’s your cock and your a masturbation addict. Its an inescapable fact you’re a jerk off addict. Embrace your addiction with this deep in your head jerk off addiction file. You have a masturbation addiction and I’m going to help it along.

masturbation addiction

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