Hump Your Hand For Dr. Lovejoy w/ cum countdown 

You need some cock stroking therapy. You’re going to fuck your hand for me and you’re going to orgasm as I instruct you to.
Dr’s orders
Begin now.

Hump Your Hand For Dr. Lovejoy w/ cum countdown
You’re so horny for your Dr. Lovejoy and you don’t have a pussy to play with and you don’t have much of a cock to play with either. You do have a hand and thats the only pussy you’re going to get. Do you have any guesses what I want you to do for me? I want you to hump your hand for you Dr. Lovejoy. You’re going to think about the hottest pussy while listening to my incredibly hot voice you’ll imagine my hot toned body. You will never have any of it but you will have your hand pussy and you’re going to fuck it for me. You’re going to get nice and hard for me and hump that hand as I insult you so erotically and hump your hand for me. You’re going to fuck it as thought you’re right in front of me. Lucky for you I give you a special loser cum countdown, if you can make it that far.


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