Humiliation Therapy Summer Slim Down

Your Femdom Therapy boot camp is here. Summer is upon most of us and the heat index is starting to rise. Heat means swimsuit weather, pool parties, bbq’s, beach vacations. I know so many of you are self concious about your figure and what other people (especially hot Woman) are going to think of you. There is a way to lose that gut and those extra pounds. You need my Femdom therapy to help get you through Summer not looking like a fat lazy blob. The first thing I’m going to recommend is my 7 minute weight loss hypnosis MP3.
Along with hypnosis a lot of exercise can be done at home in the privacy of your own home. For instance someone like yourself can get a nice core workout by simply humping your pillow. Pillow humping is fantastic for a full core workout. The faster you thrust the more calories you can burn.

7 minutes of hypnosis for weight loss and the desire to be desired. You need to look good in order to get and keep a Woman. Woman will not find you desirable if you’re a fat fuck who’s out of shape and being desirable and wanted is important to a Woman. Live it and learn it.



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