Humiliation Hypnosis Therapy MP3 You’re Worthless

A brand new MP3 to begin December off. Often December is a time for depression and self loathing. This is why I made this new therapy session designed for those who feel worthless and crave to hear the words of truth drilling deep into your soul. The hypnotic humiliation you crave to hear, the humiliation you crave to be confirmed to you by your all knowing Dr. Lovejoy. My raw erotic voice delivers to you all the humiliation you crave with this Humiliation therapy session.You are not worthy of your Goddess whether you are serving me or someone else you are not worthy. You are an absolute nothing and you know it you’re worthless inside and out. You’re hardly worthy of being used, you are purely just trash. Being used and berated is the greatest pleasure you will ever receive. You know your place and ache to be taken there. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and and get ready to swallow what little pride you have as the therapy session begins.

13:21 Minutes

You're Worthless MP3

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