Halloween Humiliation

Halloween is a fantastic time to explore your fetish feelings it might be a time for you to dress as a Woman or a sissy and get laughed at publicly. It’s a time to test the waters and it be ok to be the person you want to be. I often think of Halloween as sissyween. I took a lot of clients in this week that wanted my sexpert advice on what to be and how to get through the day.
Halloween is a great time of relief of a sissy who needs outing so go ahead and wear that costume and go to a busy area and feel the freedom that comes along with it. You will get laughed at for being in a dress with facial hair, you will feel the deep sensation of the points, the looks but it doesn’t matter because its Halloween. Only you and I know the truth about who you really want to be. If you don’t know your inner being, you need my humiliation therapy to bring it forward. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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