Gooning Morning, Noon and Night For Dr. Lovejoy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Gooning Morning, Noon and Night.
This is a session to use as a gooning primer and gooning inspiration to keep you going throughout an entire day. You’re going to listen to this to get yourself into the mood for a very long day, day’s, weeks, of gooning. I want to remind you that I want you to stroke and goon out to porn morning, noon and night. I want you to spend your life gooning morning, noon and night. This will remind you that you’re going to sit there with your cock in your hand and that pathetic look on your face morning, noon and night. Your mouth will be gaping as you masturbate and goon away for me morning, noon and night. Once you stop you will come right back to this session to keep you gooning morning, noon and night. This is an intense masturbation session for gooner loser stroke addicts.


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