Full Body Orgasm Trigger MP3

Spring is here and things are starting to bloom. Your new sad sex life begins right here with my humiliation therapy. This a time to feel good inside, a time to feel the control I can have over your body. You may be denied sex or your sex is so fast you never really get to experience a full intense orgasm. Now even a submissive like you with low self esteem can get the chance to feel what its like to have a full body intense orgasm. Feel my seductive voice lead you and guide you and fall deep under my hypnotic erotic voice.
In this 10 minute MP3 session you will learn the trigger for a long full body orgasm. Imagine how good an orgasm feels, imagine the feeling of your orgasm going on for 5 whole minutes. The feeling of it building, the quiver in your thighs. Imagine how powerful and intense that feeling would be to last that long. An entire 5 minutes with your body on edge. You will learn to feel this with a single trigger phrase that will set the feelings off. Imagine hearing a trigger phrase that takes you deep to the place of having these intense orgasmic feelings.

Orgasm Trigger MP3

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