Dr. Lovejoy’s You’re A Loser Foot Fetish Addict

You’re A Loser Foot Fetish Addict w/ orgasm countdown
It’s great to have you in my office, I did specifically wear these sexy open toe heels to see how you would react in this session. As expected you fell right for my trap and I just knew it!
When you started coming to my office I had no idea your foot fetish was going to carry over to me. You’re a disgusting loser and I knew you were coming to more and more sessions just to look at my feet. How fucking rude of you to come into my office and pop a boner within minutes of sitting down. You are such a total loser foot fetish freak. You’re so pathetic that you can’t even come to see your therapist without getting a hard cock for my feet. We’re going to have a special session now. I’m going to give you the foot fetish loser therapy you’ve been waiting for.


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