Dr. Lovejoy’s Workout Motivation Affirmations MP3 

I’ve got a new positive affirmation MP3 you need. This isn’t the time to be lazy and gain the quarantine 15. You need the motivation to move your ass and and get some physical activity. I’m your guide and my voice will give you the mental ability to get your ass in gear.

Dr. Lovejoy’s Workout Motivation Affirmations MP3

In this positive affirmation session I’m going to help give you the power to motivate yourself and exercise. As you know fitness is very important to me and I want it to be just as important to you. You need that kick start, you’ve always wanted it but, you can’t get there. My positive affirmations will motivate you to move your ass! Sticking to exercise is hard but, you’re going to do this for you and for me. You’re going to feel so grateful and thankful to your Dr. Lovejoy to help motivate you to exercise. Just hearing my voice will give you a new confidence and motivation to get in shape like me. Improve your life one positive affirmation at a time and move that body.


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