Dr. Lovejoy’s Virgin For Life Virgin Forever Therapy

Virgin For Life Virgin Forever
In this session we’re going to talk about how it’s been a few years that you’ve been coming to me and you’re still a virgin. Nothing has changed, I’ve done everything I can to help you on your dates and you’ve failed. My therapy is superior and with all my guidance and tools you still remain a virgin. Nothing is going to change, this is who you are. You’re a virgin for life and a virgin forever and its time for you to accept that nothing will ever help you, you’re a virgin forever. It’s time for you to own it and never go on another date again and make the failed attempt. If you’re married you need to give up on the thought of ever having sex with your wife again. She’s, not interested like anyone else which is why that just makes you a virgin forever and a virgin for life. You’re ready for the humiliating virgin acceptance therapy you need. No one knows better than your Dr. Lovejoy.


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