Dr. Lovejoy’s Pathetic Foot Fetish Masturbator Humiliation MP3

Dr. Lovejoy’s Pathetic Foot Fetish Masturbator
I want to talk about what a pathetic foot fetish freak you are. You’ve become so disgusting since you first started coming to me. At first is was just a pretty foot here and there, maybe some flip flops. Not anymore, now you’re this totally pathetic foot fetish weirdo who can’t stop jerking off to all things feet. You spend so much of your free time masturbating away to anything foot related porn. You love stinky gym feet now, you love nasty gross super worn socks to smell and jerk of too. It’s really vile and you’re really disgusting. As gross as I think it is, you know I want to take your chronic foot fetish and increase it. I want to know how many hours you can become consumed by your disgusting foot fetish. You’re a pathetic foot fetish jerker and it’s time we talk about it and deepen it. Dr. Lovejoy knows best.


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