Dr. Lovejoy’s Intense Hypnotic Cum Craving Repetitions MP3

31 erotic cum craving repetition minutes of listening to me full your mind with the most intense urge and craving for cum. Focus on the repetitions as your mind sinks deep. You’re going to crave the taste of cum, you’re going to want to feel the hot sticky cum all over you. My erotic voice is going to guide you as you repeat and feel yourself falling deep down into a cum craving trance as your mouth waters. You’re going to crave cum in your mouth, all you’re going to be thinking about is cum. You’re a cum craver, you can’t stop thinking about a big load being shot into your mouth. You’re a cum craver, you want to feel that sticky hot load between your lips. You want every drop from a hot load of cum dripping from the tip of a big cock. You’re a cum craver and you can’t stop thinking about cum. Focus on the words, focus on the intense cum craving repetitions. Dr. Lovejoy knows what’s best for you.


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