Dr. Lovejoy’s Hypnotic Cravings To Fill Your Ass Therapy

Hypnotic Cravings To Fill Your Ass – 17 min
In this session you’re going to find an intense craving for the feeling of something up inside of your ass. You’re going to find you have this growing desire and feeling to have something inside of your ass. You can already imaging something inside of your ass right now and it suddenly feels so good just thinking about it. Perhaps you’re just curious as to what it would feel like. Perhaps the only reason you’re really going to listen to this is because the only way you can get yourself off is by having something up your ass. Or maybe this is your first time and you need that extra push to take it to that next level. The thought is only getting stronger and the desire is beginning to burn you up inside. You won’t be satisfied until there is something up your ass. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. The feeling of needing something in your ass will consume you at any hour, and anyplace. Whenever you masturbate or have sex you will be fantasizing about having something up your ass to get yourself off. Even if you think about a Woman while you’re jerking off you’ll be thinking of her strapping a cock on and fucking you in the ass. The only way to completely satisfy yourself is by having something up your ass.

Ass Craving Hypnosis

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