Dr. Lovejoy’s Goon Into Financial Ruin

In this session my voice is going to plunge you deep into the goon and ruin zone. You’re going to be triggered to want to goon and pay all day. Prepare yourself with the time to get into the goon and ruin state of mind. It will happen hard and it will happen fast. I’m going to assist you into gooning your life savings away. All the things you’ve earned will be slowly drained away once you’ve gone deep into the goon and ruin zone of our session. You’re going to goon it all away like the gooning lifetime loser that you are. The sooner that I have helped train and take you from goon to ruin. You’re going to goon for hours on end. The more you goon the more you spend and there is no end. Begin the goon to ruin plummet.


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